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Beat by DJ Sean P, Additional lyrics by CasMetah


Darke Bros.

Verse 1:
This a Darke Bros. revival/this Arkham Asylum/the dark knight’s nightmare/don’t play with the child/I don’t tell dark wing duck tales, I tell tales of Darke trials/spark fires in the forest if you forfeit/send your S.O.S. smoke signals/I’ll send your warship solar/heat-seeking sonar missiles/aiming at your bones fin’ to poll our digits/now that what I call a freeze frame/and that’s called a double entendre for you pee-brains/let me open up your mind, I’m a doctor/with this dark audio I do hip hop proper/my clockwork morbid, sort of savage/good for laughs of lashings of the old ultra Alex/you don’t wanna battle these mad men/ladies and gents, the Darke Bros. will turn you to past tense…

When the Sun goes down, Son goes down
I ride for my kin, and die for my crown
When the Sun goes down, Son goes down
Brother for life, no death in the darkeness
When the Sun goes down, Son goes down
I ride for my kin, and die for my crown
When the Sun goes down, Son goes down
No need for the sun, no sweat when we spark this

Verse 2:
Hi, I’m Anakin/nice of you to finally show up/the Darke side of the heart is a hard path if you won’t touch Hell/puncture braille for book of Eli/when your light can’t suffice dominated by the sea-tide/your whole coast been tsunami-fied/y’all knee-high before you find your bourgeoisie sign/don’t think revelation isn’t for peons/underscoring man’s philosophies for eons/promises eternal need not apply after/we’ll see where your bones lie when the rapture doesn’t happen/y’all still ain’t done nothing, so pardon moi/if I turn my back and Jadakiss your morningstar/acting like this is a war, well you’ve been warned/dotted line sign, dot the i and hold your cross bizarre/cockeyed, got ‘em looking at you sideways/wondering how you make a living ever since IV’s were given/y’all intravenously dripping/as much venom as you can/while these spotted lambs keep living/and since the pulpit has become infected/especially, overrun by an audience elected/especially, talented tenth inspected/especially, seal of approval from mass appeal ingestion/nevermind the web that y’all spinning/not to call y’all youngin’s out is to be sinning/you keep spitting, we keep prescripting/the Darke ages and Dog Days coming for your religion/ladies and gentlemen…


from J​.​A​.​W​.​S., released March 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Wonder Brown Cincinnati

Part of the Scribbling Idiots collective, Wonder Brown steps outside of the confines of genre to represent the diverse influences of 21st Century art. An accomplished poet and spoken word artist, Brown has been featured in compilations, music videos, and video games, as well as sold worldwide. If Wonder has relayed just another wonderful struggle, then J.A.W.S. is just as much ours as it is his. ... more

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