Clicka Klackah

from by Wonder Brown

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Beat by Toni Shift, Additional vocals by Theory Hazit, Guitar by Scott Williams, Keys by Jeffrey Allen


Keep Shining
Clicka Klackah
Grab a spray can and smack a wack rapper

Like a gun to a bullet
Better think twice now before you step to it
Run-DMC to Rick Rubin
That’ll rock your socks off when you get to groovin’
Off with your Adidas and your Pumas
Take a deep plunge and feel your lungs fill with sewage
Hip Hop’s been losing
Before it’s too late, grab your spray can and spew it

Verse 1:
Like a clack to a klickah, boom-ping-pang-pow after cocking back quicker/blast off that rap-cat stigma/then realize later I’m just a laughed at ginger/that got a soul and voice to behold/and got ’em scared dancing when there’s a choice on their own to go/see, the choices are yo’s but only when you fit the bill of the boys in the royal blue and gold/no, I ain’t talking ‘bout the cops when they’re all just some pawns/like Lee Harvey Oswald/yeah, their full nelson got y’all fighting in the fox hole/to make sure we got oil/put on your boots and fatigues/and see just what I mean when they’re scooping your spleen/off the sidewalk/still using white chalk/to brainwash your minds and ultimately watch your grind halt/sorry Chuck, but the real Public Enemy/still wears a suit and tie and puppets what’s a friend to me/the real N.egroes W.ith A.ttitude/never had to hold a gun to watch us bleed for acting fool/yeah, the Black Star keeps shining/but only cause the garbage beyond us keeps dying/it ain’t just hip-hop that’s almost dead/it’s every single one of us who’s neck deep and still in bed…

Verse 2:
Economy down, crack sales went up/we front as heroes, but Heaven knows the hell in us/just like Johnny Appleseed, a dough boy that chiefs reefer/smokes with Joe Blow on the low Sharon Peters/not your average Tom, Dick, or Harry either/Johnny boy got money, boy, but John Doe to your Derek Jeter/and Mary Jane got his brain on lock/Johnny blaze, he’s insane with the pot/merely in spots of suburbia, so hurry up, the hustle game is really mean/stay away from Mikey, cause Mikey’ll eat anything/ratted everybody out, even fell for Billy Jean/boo-boo, the fool drools, chasing the silly dream/Johnny got a one track mind like Suzy Q/Sally Sally, mo Mally, banana-fana, hooty-hoo/who knew that John-john slept with Plain Jane/Joe Blow’s main/found his niche, but wasn’t able to slain Cane/cause he snitched on his main man…

Hook 2:
Don’t wanna believe in the stories
That they tell you on the block’s corner
So you keep living your life like
There ain’t nothing wrong with the news they report ya
Until one day when you’re forced
To Wonder just how their Theory Hazit
And that’s when you hear the chamber
Now you’re in danger of facing
Clicka Klackah…


from J​.​A​.​W​.​S., released March 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Wonder Brown Cincinnati

Part of the Scribbling Idiots collective, Wonder Brown steps outside of the confines of genre to represent the diverse influences of 21st Century art. An accomplished poet and spoken word artist, Brown has been featured in compilations, music videos, and video games, as well as sold worldwide. If Wonder has relayed just another wonderful struggle, then J.A.W.S. is just as much ours as it is his. ... more

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